pixel-tech: top 5 commands for Linux (BASH)

I sometimes wonder how many people know how to use a certain command, eg:
ps -al
And that lead me to think, what commands are useful, but are maybe not used as much as they should So I’ve made a list of the top 5 most useful commands for bash command shells – mostly Debian– and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions.

  1. ls -alls shows the files/folders in a director while the syntaxes (correct spelling for plural of syntax?!) – -al – mean all (show all, including hidden files), and list (output in a list showing details including permissions and size) respectively.
  2. ps -alps lists processes, and the syntax is the same as ls – show all and list.
  3. sudo – Linux users, this probably sounds stupid, but sudo isn’t used as much as it should and if you install Debian (when i last did, this was correct), sudo isn’t installed by default! You have to sh to become root and then do apt-get install sudo! Bonkers!
  4. sh – so useful! Along with being able to become root, you can also use it to change users in a CLI. (Command Line Interface)
  5. (last but not least..) cowsay or xcowsay – A surprise – do sudo apt-get install cowsay xcowsay and when it’s installed, type cowsay Hello! and go from there (note: xcowsay needs to be ran in a desktop enviroment terminal, not an SSH window, or a CLI.


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