How to write a good blog post! | GUIDES #1

After two hours trying to work out what to write about, I’ve worked it out: Write about writing! So here are my top tips on writing a blog post!


Step 1: Get a good topic and title to write about – it could be something in the news, a tutorial, anything!

Step 2: Nail that opening paragraph – facts show that 80% of people only read the first paragraph, so get a good first section and people will read on!

Step 3: Write! Write in drafts first, then type it up onto your website.

Step 3a: If you use WordPress, use plugins like TinyMCE Advanced to spice up that blog post with better formatting!

Step 4: Once you’ve finished your draft, put it into Grammarly to see what you can do to make what you think is English, actual English!

Step 5: Give it to someone else, or a group of people to proof-read it, because even computers miss things!

Step 6: Schedule your post for about 15 minutes ahead, so you can also schedule your social media to post a ‘New blog post!’ post the second your blog post goes live.

Step 7: Sit back, relax and watch the views arrive! (use something like Feedjit to get a real-time view of who’s visiting)


So, get blogging!


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