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Firstly I want to say that the previous Battlefront II post is about the teaser trailer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know that until yesterday (Saturday 15th) and haven’t had time to update that post. And won’t. Probably.

So, let’s get on with it shall we; Battlefront II FULL TRAILER. Right here. Right now:
Oh and did you know: The trailer is currently #2 on YouTube Trending right now, just behind The Last Jedi trailer (blog post will be in writing after this!)

So, what does it contain and confirm for Battlefront II?

  • The single-player campaign is based on a book called Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad, which sounds really cool! 
  • Inferno Squad is an elite Imperial force unit which is led by Iden Versio.
  • Iden is the person we will be playing as in the campaign and will be spanning from right after Return of the Jedi to about 30 years later into The Force Awakens. The book will be about four years before ROTJ so we can see how Inferno Squad was formed, how they got to know each other, and why they, or at least Iden, has a connection to the Emperor and wants to avenge him at all costs.
  • The campaign will offer the chance to play as major heroes from the Star Wars galaxy, confirmed are Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Rey, Maul and Yoda. I think it’s going to be like in the movies, swapping between the two sides, but Iden will be the main person, and we will be playing mainly as Imperials/First Order.
  • Something to know is that there is a new planet coming to Star Wars through the book and game called Vardos, which is Iden’s homeworld and is a planet that willingly joined the Empire, and was brought in by Iden’s father, Admiral Versio. When people speculated the planet in the teaser was Mandalore, it isn’t. This is Vardos, with the red trees and imperial posters everywhere. It was described as an ‘Imperial Utopia.’ at Celebration.
  • It looks like Vardos will contain quite urban gameplay, which is something we didn’t really get in the last Battlefront very much, apart from Bespin, so that will be really cool.
  • Before I start talking about the multiplayer stuff, I want to bring up the release date: 17th November 2017. Like, so close to my birthday! Well, I know what I’m getting for my birthday then!
  • If you pre-order the Elite Trooper Deluxe edition, you can get it on November 14th, and with EA / Origin Access, you can get it on November 9th.
  • We do know that the multiplayer with have full-out space battles, and will span across all three eras. They didn’t show clones in the trailer, we only saw Yoda and Maul about to fight, but in the panel, they actually showed a picture that had a Battle Droid in it, which unfortunately I cannot find.
  • Something that is coming back from the original Battlefront II is classes, and based on pre-order information, there will be four classes at launch: Officer, Assault, Heavy and Specialist.
  • There will also be ship classes, so (assumption) there might be different TIE classes: Bomber, Striker, Fighter, Advanced. Interceptors etc.
  • Everything is going to have customization and progression – classes, heroes, even weapons!
  • According to the pre-order pages, there is a standard version and a Deluxe version. If you pre-order in general, you will get The Last Jedi skins/looks for Rey and Kylo Ren, and ‘epic ability modifiers’ for the Millennium Falcon, Kylo Ren and Rey.
  • ‘We see the word ‘epic’ around a lot. This probably means the rarity of these items. This leads on to a comment I saw on a YouTube video:
  • ‘Epic is the rarity of the abilities and modifiers… where do they use this wording? in microtransaction loot boxes… and that is why there is no Season Pass. They are going to turn this into another one of those slot machine RNG loot box games that will turn out to be a huge money sink or huge time investment if you want to grind through it. R.I.P. Season Pass, R.I.P. Premium … had to happen eventually and now we are getting the next even worse thing. So, there are apparently abilities inside those RNG boxes and that means this is gonna be Pay 2 Win. This is what you people asked for each and every time you complained about Premium and Season Pass… hope you will be happy with this now’ – [ZeroB4NG] commented on this. 
  • A reply on that comment said‘[ZeroB4NG] hopefully it will be purely cosmetic but that is a very valid concern.’

    I must agree – I would rather have to pay £30 extra for a season pass than having to pay for a random way of getting items. At least with the season pass, you don’t waste money. That is my one downfall of this new game.

    If we move on to the official Deluxe Edition page, we see this:

    ‘Charge through the grand corridors of Theed City with the A280-CFE blaster rifle instant weapon unlock, with additional scope modification for enhanced zoom capabilities. As an Assault, use the epic grenade ability to split your grenade into three separate grenades, covering a larger area of damage. Including*†: – Elite Officer Upgrade Pack: Blurrg-1120 + enhanced grip modification Battle Command epic ability – Heavy Metal Upgrade Pack: FWMB-10 “”Megablaster”” + barrel vent modification Personal Shield epic ability – Armored Assault Upgrade Pack: CR-2 + trigger modification Grenade epic ability – Master Specialist Upgrade Pack: A280-CFE + scope modification Laser Trip Mine epic ability.’

    The Blurgg-1120 is Hera’s gun from Rebels, the A280-CFE is Cassian’s gun (from Rogue One), the FWMB-10 is a heavy repeater with a mount that the heavy assault troopers use in TFA, and the CR-2 is the gun that the Royal Naboo Security Forces used.

    I think that these ‘Epic Abilities’ are basically Star Cards, as we see the Personal Shield, Grenade and the Laser Trip Mine all put before them.

    We are not getting a season pass, instead, they are going to use micro-transactions. Personally, even though I have never bought the pass.

    Now finally onto the planets:

    Hoth, Endor, Tatooine (specifically MOS EISLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Naboo, Kamino, Starkiller Base, Jakku, Takodana, Yavin 4 and of course Vardos, the new planet through the campaign!



So, thanks for reading, come back soon and I’ll see y’all later!


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