Whoa, I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy – we’ve seen it early! The Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer leaked! To my understanding, the official EA Star Wars twitter account, @EAStarWars, tweeted it for a few seconds then quickly removed it as if my accident. I feel quite sorry for whoever did this and for EA too…

So, I whacked this together in Word as soon as I found out: (everything in bold is what I am not sure of)

This is the PS4 Trailer – maybe more/fewer features in XBOX trailer. What other platforms will it be on?

Type of Imperial Trooper – not seen yet in films, familiar to Krennic’s Death Troopers. – ‘I still remember my last order’ A woman says, presumably player followed during campaign, stands below Death Star II as it explodes on Endor. ‘The day the real war began.’ is said while we see a not SF TIE Fighter fly though the Death Star rubble.

Next we see ‘THE UNTOLD SOLDIER’S STORY’ on screen, then a shuttle (name not found anywhere, will search more) fly through hyperspace, with the woman piloting. We next see at least 3 Star Destroyers trying to shoot down a squadron of X-Wings

Then we see a battalion of TIE Fighters (some might be SF, not seen anywhere) fly away from the platform where General Hux launched the super laser on Starkiller Base.

After, ‘FIGHT MULTIPLAYER BATTLES’ comes on-screen, which we knew, as the previous Battlefront (EA, 2015) has multiplayer.

We then see some AT-ATs walk down on Naboo? for about half a second, with the woman saying ‘Avenge Our Emperor’ then into my favourite shot of the trailer, the Millennium Falcon being chased by two standard TIE Fighters on Takodana.

Then Hoth, which has AT-AT walkers maybe striking on a Rebel base, with rebels on Tauntauns smashing into some snowtroopers. This is cool as it most likely means that we can do that too!

Then some confirmation: ‘ACROSS ALL ERAS’! Yes! So, Prequels, Clone Wars, Original Trilogy, Anthology films and sequels!

And the Darth Maul on an unknown planet ignites his dual-bladed lightsaber and gets ready to fight Yoda (#confirmed, I am) then into Rey running on what looks like a forest planet, so Endor, Takodana?

And finally, Kylo Ren looking behind him in what seems to be a First Order building.

To close, we get a poster that says STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II, EA and then ‘Pre-order to get Star Wars The Last Jedi heroes’. Now, that’s a mystery on how that works, or what this even means, hopefully our questions get answers at SWCO soon.

That was quick, you can see the trailer for yourself here: or here:


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Thanks, IGN – my first place for SWCO news this week…

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