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homework-help: 1. Science – ‘Healthy Lifestyle’



In my Science lessons, we’ve been learning about Healthy Lifestyle. Next week, we (my class) have a test.

And, I thought to help me revise, my classmates and you, I’d put a bunch of helpful links up!

So, bring on the sites!


Credits to BBC for their BBC Education and Bitesize sites!


Revise on!



The Top 30 Most Important Star Wars Quotes, Scenes and Moments! (from before the prequels to the end of the original trilogy!) | Star Wars Day 2017

Getting right into it here! No introduction, just pure Star Wars!


BBY – Before the Battle of Yavin (Destruction of first Death Star, Rogue One, A New Hope)

ABY – After the Battle of Yavin

[Q] – Quote

[S] – Scene

[M] – Moment

[UM] – Un-seen moment – not in films, but canon.

Note: All dates are widely approximate.


  1. [UM] 10,000BBY; Force-sensitive beings from around the galaxy gather to form the Jedi Order. One of the first planets to come into their possession is Ilum.
  2. A group of Jedi fall to the Dark Side and split from the Order and create the Sith Order.
  3. Sith temple is erected on Malachor. At its heart is a Superweapon powered by a massive Kyber Crystal.
  4. Another split group from the Jedi, known as the Ordu Aspectu try to hunt the secret to eternal life. The Jedi oppose the quest and the Ordu sends their fortress to a location where it is lost.
  5. 10,000BBY-6,000BBY; The Sith Order grows and become a major power in the galaxy and construct a shrine on Coruscant.
  6. 5000BBY; The Great Temple of Massassi is built on Yavin 4.
  7. 1000BBY; The Battle of Takodana.
  8. The last major conflict between the Jedi and the Sith happens. The Sith are defeated and driven off Coruscant.
  9. A Jedi Temple is built on the remains of the Sith shrine.
  10. Darth Bane, the only Sith survivor of the conflict makes the Rule of Two.
  11. The Old Republic ends, and the Galactic Republic is formed.
  12. [M] 32BBY; Darth Sidious begins the first phase of the blockade of his home planet, Naboo.
  13. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi rescue Padme Amidala and discover Anakin Skywalker.
  14. Senator Palpatine becomes Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
  15. 22BBY; Anakin marries Padme.
  16. 19BBY; Count Dooku is killed
  17. Anakin becomes a Sith Apprentice in place of Dooku and takes the name Darth Vader.
  18. Order 66 is received by all Clones.
  19. Padme dies giving birth to twins, Luke and Leia.
  20. Galen Erso is manipulated into designing the Death Star’s superlaser.
  21. 19BBY; Galen Erso realizes that he is creating a weapon of terror and runs to the Outer Rim
  22. Moff Tarkin (soon to become Grand Moff) is tasked with the protection of the Death Star and succeeds Director Krennic
  23. 5BBY; Ezra Bridger joins the crew on the Ghost.
  24. 0BBY; Jyn Erso received the message from her father and flees the moon of Jedha. The main events of Rogue One take place.
  25. The events of A New Hope take place.
  26. The first Death Star is destroyed.
  27. 0ABY; Han Solo, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker receive medals for their part in the Battle of Yavin.
  28. 3ABY; The Rebellion is forced to move and go mobile, and the attack on Hoth begins. The Empire Strikes Back starts at this time.
  29. 4ABY; The rebellion get wind of a rumour about the second Death Star.
  30. Return of the Jedi starts and ends after the destruction of the second Death Star.

So, thanks for reading! Did you enjoy? If you did, make sure to leave a comment!

I will make a second one next year talking about the sequels, especially The Last Jedi!





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May the 4th be with you, Always..

Happy Star Wars Day!

What are you doing for May the Fourth? Dressing up as a Jedi? Playing Battlefront for ever? Whatever it is, I hope you have a massive day of Star Wars!
What surprises are in store for us all today? Maybe DICE and EA will give us loads of credits? Maybe we’ll get a reveal about an upcoming Star Wars movie? I don’t care how they are, just have a great May the Fourth!